Wiko Highway Signs

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Colorful and powerful

Smartphones from Wiko enjoy a good reputation. Is this also true for the UMTS Highway Signs model that is offered at a really competitive price? We grilled this bargain phone to find out.

Wiko is a promising newcomer in the smartphone market and for many users, a rather blank slate. However, in forums and also in online giant Amazon, the French provider is reaping almost exclusively good reviews. This impression was confirmed by the test of the Wiko Highway in connect issue 8/2014.
Its little brother is now available, the Highway Signs, at the very competitive prices of 199 euros. With the above mentioned online giant, it is even available in all five colors for 179 euros. The connect test showed whether the Highway Signs is the better buy in the end.

Nice outfit, fine display

The design of the Android 4.4 model cannot necessarily be called original. The plastic rear cover is very strongly reminiscent of the glass rear cover of the Z models from Sony. But you still may like the Highway Signs, especially as the workmanship of the white test device is good. Except for the somewhat thin display cover which show moire patterns at only slightly elevated pressure, there is not really much to complain about. The smartphone also balances well in the hand of the user.

Speaking of the display: Wiko has slightly slimmed down compared to its sister model in size and resolution, but not presentation quality. With the 4.7-inch IPS display, the Highway Signs is still one of the larger smartphones. The luminous efficiency is also good at 386 cd/m2.

Fast and with hybrid slot

Another positive: the media library platform with a 1.4 GHz octa-core CPU and 1 GB of RAM ensures a brisk operating tempo. In terms of connectivity, however, there are gaps: LTE, NFC and also quick ac-WLAN are lacking. On the other hand, Highway Signs offers HSPA + and Bluetooth.
As well as the ability of managing two SIM cards. In addition to the normal SIM slot, there is another slot that can take either another mobile phone card or micro SD memory card. A clever feature giving users the option of varying according to their needs. However, the multi-media and app collection is not particularly extensive with dual SIM operation and only 4.3 GB of free internal memory.

The camera is quite good: 8 megapixel resolution, autofocus, photo light and full HD video provide good image quality, provided the lighting is right.

Android in its almost pure form

The user interface is largely devoid of unique features and is very similar to the native Android system – but this is not necessarily a shortcoming. Operation is intuitive and therefore easy, even for the target group of beginners and amateurs. However, it does not have many of its own features, such as Samsung, HTC, Sony or LG offer on their smartphones – but sometimes at very dear prices. You can look in vain for surprise effects in the Highway Signs. Only the various audio situation profiles are an independent Wiko feature.

No slip-ups in the laboratory

So far so good. Then the Highway Signs had to prove itself in the connect lab – and it did anything but poorly here. At a typical endurance of 5:16 hours in mixed use, it is no juggernaut, but given the flat design, the performance is fine. The results for the conversation time are actually top – with over 20 hours in GSM and UMTS, 7:19 hours in use, it more then gets by. This also applies for transmission and reception: in UMTS mode, the Highway Signs achieved the maximum score and the values are also good in GSM mode.

With 357 points and verbal note “good”, the Highway Signs is rated just below the Wiko Highway. So if you have to watch your wallet, the Highway Signs is a good choice for you. Congratulations on this great result!

Wiko Highway Signs

  • Price: 199 euros
  • Dimensions: 138 x 69 x 8 mm; Weight: 123 grams
  • Attractive appearance with a flat design
  • Brilliant IPS display
  • Very low price
  • Dual SIM operation or SIM and micro SD card possible
  • Easy to use
  • 8 megapixel camera shoots good pictures in a bright environments
  • Good performance with octa-core CPU
  • Internal memory a bit low in dual SIM operation
  • Design not unique
  • Endurance underwhelming in realistic mixed operation
  • User interface lacks its own identity

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