Lenovo Tab S8

Lenovo Tab S8

Lenovo once again proves its good taste. The set-up is also good, but does not always achieve the best value in a comparison test.

Lenovo is also lacking a traditionally complete list of all installed apps. Folders make for good organization

Lenovo is also lacking a traditionally complete list of all installed apps. Folders make for good organization

Although all three subjects have almost identical dimensions, the Lenovo Tab S8, with its flattened rim, seems to be the most delicate. The scale doesn’t lie: at 296 grams, the Tab S8 is not just under 300 grams, but also up to 60 grams below the weight of the competition at 354 (Honor) and 356 grams (Medion). This lends the Tab S8 reader qualities, and the soft grip back lies comfortably in your hand – even though it collects fingerprints. The shiny black Lenovo logo is subtle and elegant on the matt background, as are the shiny dark on / off and volume switches on the narrow side. The imaginary design point clearly goes to Lenovo.

The Tab S8 will win the favor of movies lovers with its two speakers, which are rather rare in the small format. They are also located practically to the right and left of the diagonally held screen. The Dolby sound reinforcement ensures that music received via the built-in FM tuner is output comparatively loudly. The display shows videos in full HD and is nice and bright with 424 cd/m². If the position or light changes, the screen brightness must be turned down manually when a bright background, such as in the Mail app, tends to blind.

In terms of performance, the Lenovo Tab S8 is superior with the latest Intel chip and double the RAM of the Honor T1. With internally available memory, the Honor is lacking 1 gigabyte at the same basic capacity; but that is almost meaningless, because in both cases, you can increase the memory, with as much as 64 gigabytes in the Tab S8 – twice as much as with the Honor, but only half of the peak value, as will be shown in the following.

The 8 megapixel camera of the Tab S8 is the one with the highest resolution in the test and also the only one supported by an LED. The front camera compensates equally well in bad and uneven light.

Unique operating concept

As with Honor / Huawei, Lenovo condemns its users to placing each installed app on the home screen, as in both cases there is no app overview as an alternative to the home screen. In practice, this causes users to clean up the screen more frequently than usual, at which point some of the preinstalled apps can fall victim. WPS Office and Route 66 Navigate will certainly not be removed from the test device with Android 4.4.2. The navigation is available free for 30 days, the connection fee is then based on the required map material that can be used offline on the go thanks to GPS.

LTE modem available for a surcharge

That’s a good thing, because the test device for sale at 199 euros with ID TAB S8-50F has no modem. If you want to go online via LTE when you’re on the go, we recommend the 50L model for 249 euros. You might expect an HDMI output from a manufacturer that exploits the technical possibilities in such a way, but it is lacking. However, like most Androids, the Tab S8 also connects to a corresponding media receiver via Wi-Fi Direct. Check out the information on the right to see how the Lenovo tablet compares to the Lifetab from the Medion subsidiary.

Table Tablet Lenovo Tab S8

Lenovo Tab S8

  • Price: 199 euros
  • Dimensions: 210 x 124 x 8 mm; Weight: 296 grams
  • Attractive slim design
  • High-resolution bright IPS display
  • Stereo sound in horizontal format
  • Good camera with LED
  • FM tuner
  • Good endurance
  • GPS
  • Light
  • Attractive price
  • Installed apps must be distributed on the home screens
  • No HDMI
  • No modem
  • (Optional LTE)

Display measurement

The color fidelity of the bright display remains stable throughout a wide range and decreases less at a lateral view. The contrast ratio is good and is on average 1:335.