Ionik TW Series I Bundle

Ionik TW Series I Bundle

After the surprise success of the android TP7.85-1200QC-3G, Ionik’s first Windows tablet disappointed in memory and display.

In book form: the included keyboard cover is practical.

In book form: the included keyboard cover is practical.

The Ionik TP7.85 was a source of surprise in the test with an all-round stable angle display, bright and high-contrast. It did not weigh much and sold for a great price 169 euros. That’s why we were so excited about Ionik’s first Windows tablet.

Complete package

Success at first glance: for the price of 219 euros, Ionik not only offers the annual subscription for Office 365 Personal, to but also a cover, a case, a stand and a keyboard combined in one accessory package. A magnetic connector fits the tablet and case together perfectly and makes the usual Bluetooth connection superfluous. However, when holding it on your upper thighs, the connection loses contact too easily. The keys can be easily operated on level ground, even though the keypad is narrower than a standard version. The mouse buttons offset from the small touchpad (the picture differs from the test sample) provide a tactile pressure point.

Excellent running time

The equipment of the TW series 1 10.1 is poor: no modem, no GPS, only the mini HDMI output is a plus. That the existing micro USB port cannot be used to charge instead of the supplied power plug is not unique to the Windows tablet from Ionik. Nevertheless, battery and consumption are a ray of hope: even using the keyboard, the TW series 1 10.1 holds out for a very good endurance value of seven and a half hours in uniform connect mixed use; without the keyboard, it lasts for an excellent eight hours 40 minutes.

Unacceptable memory

A memory card slot is available, but it is unprotected and limited to cards up to 32 GB. In light of the immense volume that Microsoft guarantees via One Drive cloud storage, that’s fine. The bigger problem is the minimalist internal memory: a mere 16 gigabytes is the gross volume, but the users have only about 5.5 gigabytes of data net for their own use. If they also make use of the included Office 365 Personal subscription – for the relevant 32-bit version, the Ionik tab with only 1 gigabyte of memory just barely meets the minimum requirement – hardly more than 1 gigabyte remains.

Even on the exterior, the housing does not cut a good figure and yields with a quiet clicking sound even at low pressure on the rear side. It is also a mystery why the stereo speakers in a 10-inch model, whose size is sufficient for most manufacturers to create meaningful distribution, sit only 5 centimeters apart on the same side, meaning that the also tinny sound seems to come from the right in the horizontal format.
The virtual keyboard also does not seem optimal, which in horizontal format uses only 18 of the possible 22 centimeters of screen width.

Not recommendable

The virtually non-existent user memory and the final view of the poor result in the display (see box at left) make a recommendation of Ionik Windows Tabs impossible. In sum, only by the excellent endurance was it able to partially make up for the unflattering individual values. Why Ionik made such big cuts with its first Windows Tab is baffling and a real shame.

Display measurement

What happened? A modern display can hardly look any worse: the color stability is lost even at minor deviation from the top frontal view. Also, the contrast ratio of an average of 1:53 could hardly be lower. The brightness is a middling 244 cd/m2.

Table Tablet Ionik TW Serie I 10,1 Bundle