Mobile network tests


When it comes to mobile network testing P3 communications is probably the world leader. Being active in Germany, the USA,mobile network tests_test seal_P3/connect
Australia, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, UK and many other countries, the mobile communication experts from Aachen have
accumulated a lot of knowledge. No wonder connect, the biggest European magazine on telecommunication has chosen P3

communications as its partner for the mobile network tests in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 2002. The
awareness of the public regarding the quality of mobile networks has driven operators to improve their networks considerably
to stay competitive.

Mobile network tests have been performed in following countries:

Germany, Austria and Switzerland 2017    mobile network tests_Germany  mobile network tests_Austria  mobile network tests_Switzerland

Sweden 2016   

Australia 2016   

Spain 2016   mobile network tests_Spain

United Kingdom 2016   mobile network tests_UK

The Netherlands 2016   mobile network tests_the Netherlands

Spain 2015   mobile network tests_Spain

Germany, Austria and Switzerland 2015    mobile network tests_Germany  mobile network tests_Austria  mobile network tests_Switzerland

United Kingdom 2015   mobile network tests_UKmobile network tests_test seal_P3/connect

The Netherlands 2015   mobile network tests_the Netherlands

Germany 2014   mobile network tests_Germany

Austria 2014   mobile network tests_Austria

Switzerland 2014   mobile network tests_Switzerland